Library of Hope

Wonder will change your life!

Our library is filled with wondrous promises,

encouragements, enlightenments, mediations, and activations

that will change your life.

Inspirational Short

Radically impactful creations of art that present a visual representation of the unseen realm inside of a mystical relationship with God. These short films share truths discovered by walking in a satisfied love relationship with God and invite you to explore more with Michael in the Dreamscape of the Heart. 

The collection of inspirational shorts are available within our Inspirational Gallery to members.

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Inspired Promise

supernatural hope within you ... will inspire you to create. 

Spontaneous Paint

is gallery of paintings that Michael created in the past year. 

Exploring areas before learning any proficiency inspires dependence on something beyond ourselves. Training in a state of dependence can create intimacy, and ultimately reveal unity between the teacher and the student. Such is the journey with Michael and painting as each motion is the immediate response or obedience to a joyful direction. 

The paintings have prophetic encouragement that are available within our Inspirational Gallery for our members to view and make personal inquiries.

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Inspired Promise

the wisdom of Love affirms the hope in you is a gift available every moment.


Clarity and Simplicity create a space for encouragement to grow. Pulling on the truth and promise of Heaven, we are continually creating content to encourage you. Naturally when sharing our experience with these biblical truths and promises we enjoy participating in the creation of various kinds of encouragement for you. This is obvious and very colorful in our Members Library of Hope. *Encouragements can range from 3-7 minutes, and are available for scheduled distribution to members

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Inspired Promise

deep waters emerge as a bubbling brook. 


Our pillar engagements are created with discernment and great expectation that you will have a transformational experience with God. Prepare yourself to relax nd to be lavished in truth.  You can expect to hear His voice resounding in your heart. Be sure to enjoy Michael’s selection of related content with each Pillar Engagement. *Pillars can range from 30-90 minutes. 

Currently Engagements are listed in the Members Platform as a series or in the Members Library of Hope  a la carte.

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Inspired Promise

you have been seeded for a harvest of Love

...greater than you can ever imagine.


Meditation that discovers enlightenment is priceless. Experience your freedom in the sacrament of the present moment. 

You will enjoy rest, peace and refreshment during and after our enlightenments. We utilize wonderfully soothing sounds, various types of scenery and relaxing times painting with Michael.  *Enlightenments can range from 7-30 minutes, and are available for scheduled distribution to members. 

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Inspired Promise

touching hope in you will enlighten your feet


Many of us love to know what to do next. We have created activations that are simple solutions to what once appeared to be complex problems. Get ready you are not going to be alone in this journey. *Activations are typically 1-3 minutes.

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Your heart has been seeded with a wondrous Hope. 

Our desire is to water those seed with nothing less than eternal Water.

Explore eternity in community.

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