Welcome to the Dreamscape of the Heart, I'm Michael .

My hearts desire is to create space for the miraculous in your life.

I am a husband father son & friend responding to a wondrous invitation to share the heart of our Heavenly Father. I love with a mystical freedom, reveal eternal promises & lavish creation with hope. I am a steward of eternity!

From a young age I requested to have wisdom compassion and clarity into the unseen. In my heart I heard one day "You have been seeded for a harvest of love greater than you can ever imagine." I searched and discovered a simply delightful truth that I could hold on to as I explored this harvest.  My desire is to share it with you.  

Delightful Abundance

Learning delight happens daily.

Delight opens our eyes to unwrap the promises given to us!





Eternal Abundance

Eternal life is available for exploration today!

The name dream state of the heart was impressed upon me as I woke one morning, and it articulated an expression living in the depth of my heart. The dream scape of the heart is the place where worldly understanding or intelligence is not a prerequisite, and exploration of this scape will actually affirm our dependence upon the Holy Spirit. To me the dream state of the heart is the peace and joy I find when meditating on the union between my new spirit and God’s Holy Spirit. Being that this is an unseen place, I have found that truth and clarity of my new identity in Jesus Christ is critical. I hope the Dreamscape of the Heart represents a whisper of eternity.    

The initial content you will experience within the platform is an articulation of truth, promises and our identity as redeemed children of God given to us by Jesus Christ. 

For many years I have been on a journey to discover and articulate the expressions in the depth of my heart. Some of these are simply in the form of intuition and remain to be mystical. Others are words of encouragement, assurance, wisdom and activation. 

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